TWPS’ Loves the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas!

The readers have voted and the results are in! D Magazine has published its 2010 spread on the winners of the 1o Most Beautiful Women in Dallas. 50,000 readers voted among the 450 nominees, down to 20 and down to the final 10. These beautiful photographs were taken by Bode Helm. Check out the spread on their online magazine as well! Photos courtesy of D Magazine and done by Bode Helm.

Becky Parks, 36

Candice Crawford, 23

Alex Tran, 23

Bina Palnitkar Patel, 29

Sadie Murray, 27

Reanae Seth, 26

Sarah Abbot McEown, 30

Ashley Burghardt, 23

Reshoo Patel, 27

Vicki Hutson Ford, 52

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