Glitter and Glam

Okay y’all, I am seriously loving the new glitter and glam trend popping up in weddings! What could possibly make your big day more fabulous than some amazing sparkle? From glitter and sequin linens to glitter on your wedding dress, this new trend looks incredible no matter how you use it. It’s really versatile and looks perfect in literally any color, and especially stands out for an evening wedding. This fun new trend is definitely daring, but so different and unique! It’s a guarantee that not many of your guests would have ever attended a sparkle and glitter wedding – and I’m sure they’ll adore it!

gold glitter, glitter wedding, wedding centerpiece

glitter wedding dress, wedding table linens, wedding reception

gold glitter, wedding shoes

Charm Slingback Pump Platinum Glitter

reception linens, glitter wedding, green glitter

wedding dress, glitter wedding

Photo Credits: Photos 2 and 6 by Jenna McKenzie Photography | Top Gown Retailer: Renee Austin |
Bottom Gown: BHLDN  | Glitter Slingback: Kate Spade  | Table Linen: La Tavola

Morgan’s Five Favorite Bridesmaids!

There are so many different styles here, and I love it! Starting with sequin and lace- I love the two combos here. Each ‘maid looks fantastic and although each are technically matching, they have put their own spin on it. A wide range of neutrals seems to be wedding gold.  It may seem daunting, but it sure does pay off with excellent photos and happy friends! Light prints are fun and they create a casual environment. I love the long dresses with parisols instead of bouquets- so unique! And of course any photo underneath a chandelier is beautiful, but so is the range of warm blue dresses!




(1) Jarvis Studio, (2) Memento Designs