Hues You’ll Heart: Jewel Tones

Emerald, Plum, Navy and Fuchsia all comprise jewel tones. It is no wonder these rich tones make up jewel tone palettes! They are bold and beautiful on their own, and even more stunning when they are paired together. If the colors are too much, they can be toned down with gold or ivory accents. I would love to see mismatched bridesmaid dresses in jewel tones! This palette creates a very elegant evening wedding. I love the way these deep colors work together to make a romantic wedding atmosphere!

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses, Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Jewel Tones Wedding Reception, Jewel Toned Floral Arrangements, Jewel Toned Wedding DecorShades of Purple, Purple Floral Bouquet, Jewel Toned Bouquet

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses, Jewel Tone Bouquets, Mismatched Jewel Tones

Jewel Tone Bouquet, Bouquet with Jewel TonesNavy Bridesmaid Dresse, Jewel Tone Dresses

Jewel Tone Reception, Jewel Tone Wedding Palette, Jewel Tone Floral Arrangements

Jewel Tone Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet Portrait, Jewel Toned FlowersJewel Tone Bridesmaid Dress, Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Navy Bridesmaid Dresses. Bridesmaids in Jewel Tones, Jewel Toned Bridesmaid Dresses

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Hues You’ll Heart: Peacock Inspired

It can be really hard to create the perfect color palette for your wedding, that’s why I am loving this peacock inspired palette! Have you ever paid attention to an intricate peacock feather? They’re gorgeous! The mix of cobalt blue, turquoise, brown, gold, and green create a simply stunning palette. I love the idea of having mismatched bridesmaids in different colors of the peacock feather. The darker hues also look beautiful when highlighted with white roses and green hydrangeas. Having a peacock inspired palette can lead to so much creativity in your plans, so pick up a feather and feel the inspiration!

Peacock at Wedding

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses, Peacock Inspired Dresses, Peacock Color Scheme

Peacock Floral Arrangement, Peacock Table Decor, Tyra Bleek Photography

Peacock Inspired Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake with Peacock Adornments

Peacock Flower Decor, Floral Chandelier, Chandelier with Flowers and Peacock Decor

Peacock Aisle Decor, Hydrangea with Peacock, Reception DecorModern Peacock Bouquet, Calla Lilies with Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feather Boutonniere, Groom with Peacock Accessories

Peacock Chair Decor, Peacock Wedding Decor, DIY Chair Decoration

Peacock Feather as Tablerunner, Peacock Feather Photo Accessories, Ring Photo

Peacock Hair Accessories, Bride and Groom Portrait

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