Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Bachendorf’s, one of our lovely partners, carries a store-full of all things beautiful and the collection of pearl jewelry by Mikimoto fits perfectly into that category.

Mikimoto‚Äôs proud history stretches over more than a century, and throughout the company’s life they have spared no effort to create things of beauty. They have an unwavering dedication to high quality materials and workmanship in each piece they design.”
Mikimoto has this beautiful strand of pearls that would be ideal for the classic bride-to-be! Honestly, every girl needs a nice set of pearls because they never go out of style and add beauty and class to practically ANY ensemble. Now, these pearls are a must-have and if you order them on or before December 31st, 2009 you will receive the pearl studs to match! What a deal!!!

If pearls are not your thing, you are bound to find something else under their roof that you cannot do without! Visit Bachedorf’s online at to find which of their three Dallas locations is best for you!

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