society nest, newlywed living, society bride, love nest dwell, diy inspiration for first time home buyers, society homes, interior design ideas, fresh affordable home inspirationWhere do you live?  How do you live?  Do you live big in the burbs? Or small in the city? Do you live stateside or are you an expat living abroad? Are you a land dweller with wide open spaces, or have you built your nest on the wide open seas?  These are questions Society Bride wants to know.  The reason?  Well, because we’re expanding on our little bridal blog and couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Sunday LIVING with SB.  We are fascinated with the way others live – where and why they choose to land where they’ve landed.  We believe in designing a life that’s driven by passion and that gives you purpose.  These Sunday Editions will feature all things related to LIVING and for building your Nest.  We’ll bring you inspiration for newlyweds building a New Nest, ideas on creating the perfect Guest Nest, creative aspirations for the Empty Nesters, as well as for your Teeny Tiny Nesters.  We hope you will share, follow, pin, heart, like and enjoy.  Get you Society Nest fix here.