Give a Book for a Gift!

Give a Book for a Gift!

The Compendium family of books and other products are truly AMAZING!  We love them for their beauty, inspiration, quality and versatility.  Below you will see some of their great products we now have available in the boutique.  These are great gifts for all your loved ones and can be given as is or personalized with your own special notes.


This interview book is much more than the keepsake; it has the ability to become a family heirloom. It’s filled with pages and pages of expected as well as unexpected questions about her celebrated life. Its pages will contain life lessons and guidance for generations to come.  A great gift to your mother or for your mother to give to you.


This treasured family keepsake is the perfect gift for dad where all the answers to the questions you wanted to know and some you did not want to know could all be answered. His stories and memories will be passed down through generations to come.  A great Father’s Day gift or a truly personal gift dad could give to you on your wedding day.


The she book contains multiple accounts of strong, beautiful, and tender women in your life. It is an illustration of the female spirit in all its pride and glory.  This book could be given as is or you could write your personal accounts of how certain quotes truly represent the woman you are gifting.  Great for mothers, sisters and bridesmaids!


This journal translates memories into words. This keepsake is a special gift for a loved woman in celebration of her life. It starts with blank pages and unfolds into a visual literally display of personal art. This literary work is not a lone ranger for it has a counterpart female version, making it a romantic duet.   This would be a great gift to give to your fiance as a wedding day gift…holding all the accounts of your love for him and what makes him so special to you now and during your courtship.

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This journal translates unforgettable experiences and memories into literary work. This gift is a celebration of a male loved one in your life.  We love the idea of both the bride and groom documenting their relationship or engagement in these pages and using particular quote over the year(s) to come up with touching vows.


This pocket-sized notebook holds the accounts of both members in the relationship, with it’s ups and downs. It is a true expression of couple-hood with it’s abilities to illustrate all the steps, anniversaries, trips, and holidays experienced during the course of a relationship.  Another incredible gift that can be given as is or with special notes throughout.


This magnetic photo frame holds two interchangeable photographs so you can display photos of how you personally see your father as your hero as he opens the refrigerator daily.  Wouldn’t this just be a darling gift to give you father…a picture on one side of you and your daddy when you were a little girl and then one with you and him on your wedding day!


The “Love is everything” notebook allows a loved one to write down their romantic thoughts in a form that not only keeps their thoughts all in one place but also is easily portable with it’s palm-size form.  The left is the front view. The right is the back view.

If you like what you have seen, you will have to come in the studio to see them in person and check out Compendium’s website for other books that we can order for you!


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