Destination Weddings- Fill the Suitcase with Stylish Essentials!

You won’t be flying in just for the ceremony and reception so don’t forget to pack your favorite travel clothes and accessories! As the bride you will be photographed over and over again so don’t let your fashion sense slip up. Tissue tees from Madewell are perfect- but you can find some at your local target as well! Don’t skimp on a casual cardigan or wrap, this will keep you warm at night! I love the ones at J.Crew. Maxi dresses & skirts are so comfortable and will keep you looking stylish- pack a few in bright, festive colors! Throw in your favorite bikini that you feel most confident & a tunic coverup. madewell_tissue_tee_destination_wedding_suitcasemadewell_tissue_tee_destination_wedding_suitcasemadewell_tissue_tee_destination_wedding_suitcasemadewell_tissue_tee_destination_wedding_suitcasejcrew_cardigan_destination_wedding_suitcasejcrew_cardigan_destination_wedding_suitcasemaxi_skirt_destination_wedding_suitcase_essentials

Last, but certainly not least are your accessories. A pair of knockout wedges will keep our legs looking fabulous, make sure your toes look just as great! A pre-flight mani/pedi will relax you before you takeoff. Large earrings in coral or turquoise will go with everything you wear. If you can find space in your suitcase (or your hubby’s) add a couple bright scarfs in fun prints!destination_wedding_suitcasedestination_wedding_suitcase

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