Destination Weddings- Don’t Let Your Guests Forget These Essentials!

Going on a trip can be stressful, throw in a wedding and everyone is almost to their breaking point! Include a packing list in your wedding invitation that has all of you and your grooms trip essentials. Here is my list!

1. Matching luggage helps me stay organized. The navy blue luggage is stamped with my initials and everyone knows it’s mine. My luggage puts me in the best mood when I am packing.

2. I always feel glam when I am wearing sparkly jewelry. Pick up some wallet friendly pieces at Forever 21 that will transition you from day to night.

3. A cashmere wrap was the best gift I ever received and it keeps me cozy in the plane. It also reminds me of home when I am in a foreign hotel room.

4. Heels might be glamorous but flats are much better for the airport. They are way easier to slip on and off at airport security.

5. My favorite gadget is my iPad and I don’t go anywhere without it. Especially the airport! Find some free wi-fi and catch up on your favorite tv show while waiting for your plane.

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