Blue Note Bakery in Austin, TX

Blue Note Bakery is one of the premiere bakeries in Austin, and they are also featured in our library. Blue Note Bakery is known for their unique, detailed and handmade cakes.

Handmade Cakes, Wedding Cake, Detailed Cake, Austin Wedding Cake, Blue Note Bakery, Cake with Purple FlowersThe Wedding Party Studio, Austin, Blue Note Bakery, Modern Wedding Cake, Cake with Tree, Silver and White CakeBrides Cakes- Modern and Fun. I love the floral details

Austin, Grooms Cake, Belt Buckle Cake, Cowboy Boots Cake, Blue Note BakeryGrooms Cake, Chocolate Cake, Groom climbing cake, Blue Note BakeryGrooms Cakes- Cowboys Boots & a Belt Buckle! The second one is a cost efficient cake, brownies are always delicious!

champagne cake, blue note bakery, austin, unique cake, bachelorette cake, bachelor cakeThis champagne cake is perfect for a bachelor or a bachelorette party!

All images are courtesy of Blue Note Bakery. Please like them on Facebook!

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