Beautiful Bouquet Inspiration

The bridal bouquet is a reflection on everything that makes you, you. If your mother has taken control of your wedding or your mother-in-law is living vicariously through you, then take control through your bouquet. While your waiting to walk up to your groom and say I do, you will look down at your bouquet and breath a sigh of relief. Bouquets can range from structured roses and peonies to a grouping of lily of the valley a la Kate Middleton to a free-spirited wildflower bunch! These are some of my favorite bouquets found on Pinterest.bride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspirationbride_bouquet_inspiration

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