Bridal Photo Shoot with Football Fun

Jaclyn’s bridal shoot is far from normal. What starts out as a beautiful bride in a dramatic doorway ends with a football field and an A&M jersey. You can’t help but love her as she poses with her dogs. Blue ribbons tied around their necks and perched on gorgeous pink chairs. Love it! The pictures are bright, airy, and captivating. I jst love that Jaclyn took a traditional event and turned it into exactly what she wanted. Sounds like my kind of bride! These amazing photos come from Jeff Svadlenak of JWS Images. He is a Dallas based photographer that serves the metroplex.JWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_PhotoshootJWS_Images_Bridal_Photoshoot

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