55 Holiday Bridesmaids Gifts Under $50

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten lots of inquires from brides asking about holiday gift ideas for their bridesmaids, each wanting to do something a little extra special this Christmas. We couldn’t agree more, and here’s why. Your bridesmaids will be your sounding boards during the course of your engagement. They’ll be your support system when you’re feeling frazzled, they’ll dedicate their calendars to your parties and showers and they’ll spend their hard earned dollars on your parties and showers. And guess what? They will love every minute of it because they are so incredibly honored to stand up with you on your big day. To make your holiday shopping a little easier this year curated a fantastic guide we’ve appropriately named 55 Holiday Bridesmaids Gifts Under $50 buckeroos. On this list you’ll find thoughtful keepsakes like monogrammed pendants and rings, pretty shimmery makeup sets, creams and tonics to pamper her skin, gifts for the globetrotter, the hostess and more. Starting at $12.00 and up, but of course all under $50.00. Happy shopping!

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