Light Up the Night with Chandeliers!

A common dilemma a bride must think about if she plans on having her wedding or reception outdoors is what will light up the event once the sun goes down?  The most romantic touch that I can possibly imagine for an outdoors wedding is for chandeliers to be hung outdoors.  Whether they be hung from trees, an outdoor tent or even a gondola, this “bright” touch adds a bit of glam and a huge “wow” factor to the event and will sure to have the guests amazed.  Most importantly, it feels as though it adds a dash of magic to the event!  A similar option? Lanterns can have a similar effect and can often be homemade!

Hues You’ll Heart: Peach

A hot spring and summer color that works perfectly for a southern wedding is peach. This beautiful hue is so elegant and charming – and absolutely exudes romance! Peach looks incredible combined with pink and green, but personally I love pairing it with a metallic like gold or silver. It’s such a versatile color and goes so well with a rustic or garden themed wedding. From linens, to flowers, to a fabulous pair of Louboutin wedding heels – peach is an amazing addition to your big day! If you’re loving this hue as much as I do, go the extra mile and add some peach sweets to your wedding dessert options!

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